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Practice Areas

Our firm handles litigation for individuals and businesses in matters of contract, business, real estate, intellectual property, and art law. What unites these areas of law is they all touch and concern peoples most important assets.

When you choose our firm, you don’t just get a lawyer, but our entire legal team. From settling minor contract disputes, to handling the most complex litigation, our firm can get you results. We strive to do everything in a cost-effective manner because spending all your money to protect your money is counterproductive.

Our firm focuses on litigation practice. Making arguments in trial is actually a very small part of litigation. Litigation really refers to the whole process that leads up to the final showdown in court. From gathering evidence and analyzing the facts, to researching law and crafting arguments, to negotiations and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – we work diligently on the case. The heavy lifting of litigation is everything that occurs before trial. Our attorneys never forget that experience and intelligence are no substitutions for hard work.

In addition to litigation, our New York business attorneys can offer general advice, second opinions, draft legal documentation, handle transactions, and negotiate on your behalf. A lawyer should be somebody who gets things done – and that’s what we do.

Our firm serves businesses and individuals engaged in business. Likewise, we take a business-minded approach to serving our clients. We understand concepts such as cost-benefit analysis and diminishing returns. Our firm focuses on the things that drive the biggest results.

Our areas of practice include:

Our practice covers a wide range of areas, but the common thread is that our attorneys get quick results and ultimately obtain the very best out of every case. These type of results require not only intelligence, but hustle. Our attorneys bring a high level of energy and determination every deal and dispute — from the preliminary negotiation, to the final settlement — they bring the same determination to win. This type of excellence isn’t an act, or state of being, but a habit. Our attorneys work hard to maintain our reputation. Therefore, excellence is our practice area.

Our clients include some of the most prominent businesses in Manhattan, as well as plenty of “regular” people. Regardless, we treat all our clients the same: with utmost respect and dignity. Everyone deserves to have his or her legal rights vigorously defended. Every judge, jury, and opposing counsel will know that we genuinely believe in our client’s cause. Representing a client isn’t just about what happens in the courtroom. Our attorneys put a great deal of pride and effort towards taking care of our clients outside the courtroom as well. They answer questions honestly, return calls promptly, and, perhaps most importantly, listen. Our firm strives to be most assertive inside the court and most supportive outside the court.

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New York commercial litigator Yulia Vangorodska, Esq - logo

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Call Now (212) 729-7437 Available 24/7

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