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Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)

Some harms can’t be redressed with an apology and monetary compensation. These after-the-fact remedies can’t bring back a lost deal or business relationship. In some situations, you can’t afford to sit around and wait for a trial. When time is critical and action needs to be taken now, a temporary restraining order (TRO) may be the answer. Our firm can help you get enforceable action now on your legal emergencies.

A TRO is an “ex parte” action – meaning, we can go to court on our own initiative without notifying the other party. If the court finds the situation serious enough, it will issue the TRO, which is effective immediately. The TRO may tell the other party to comply with the law or comply with your contract. In most situations, a TRO will stop a party from doing something – stealing clients, interfering with your business, etc. The TRO will last until a hearing for a preliminary injunction can be scheduled.

Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

In a true emergency situation, a good business lawyer is absolutely necessary. Our New York litigation attorneys have the experience and knowledge to persuade the Courts to grant a TRO. We know what arguments and factors the court will find persuasive for your case.

If you have received a temporary restraining order, swift legal action will be required. There is only a matter of days before a TRO can mature into a preliminary injunction, which can then last for months or longer. A TRO shouldn’t be treated lightly. If you fail to comply with a TRO, you could find yourself sitting in jail without even a trial.

The most important thing about a TRO is that it has teeth. It is enforceable by the contempt power of the court. If the other party ignores the order or disobeys it, the court can punish them with a fine, or even place them in jail until they choose to comply with order. When you need immediate action on your case, forcing the other party to do or stop doing something right away, a TRO is what you need.

TRO’s are very powerful – and as such, the court is reluctant to grant one except in the most extraordinary circumstances. For any type of injunction – TRO, preliminary, or permanent — the party seeking the injunction may be required to post a bond to guard against any unwarranted harm that results from the injunction.

Once the TRO is in place, you can take a deep breath. We can then sit down and plan out your case without the pressure of time. It’s hard to make good decisions under stress. A TRO is powerful first-step to eliminating stress and resolving your issues wisely and effectively.

If you think a TRO or some other type of immediate legal action is what you need, let us help you today. We are on your side. We are available 24/7.

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