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Business & Commercial Litigation

Litigation is a reality in the world of doing business. As litigators we take a “speak softly and carry a big stick” approach. We always try to resolve business litigation cases as quickly and as favorably as possible; however, we carry the “big stick” of trial if necessary.

The first part of commercial litigation is analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Our business litigation trial attorneys will be able to analyze how strong or weak the case is well in advance of trial. Therefore, we can help you make a cost benefit analysis of litigation. Our attorneys will be painfully honest with you. Sometimes it is better to settle and make things go away quickly. Other times, it is worth it to go through all the hard work of litigation.

Right Strategy is Crucial for Commercial Litigator

The second part of business litigation is strategy. The strategy involved in litigation goes beyond just winning the trial. A good New York corporate litigation attorney can serve as the catalyst to a favorable settlement. Ironically, the best litigators often never go to trial because the other side will realize early on that their prospects at trial are meager; thus inducing a favorable settlement early in the matter.


Business Litigation Lawyer

Business Litigation: Preparation is the Key


The third part of commercial litigation is preparation. Unlike some television portrayals, trials are won or lost long before anybody sets foot in the courtroom. Our business litigation attorneys never forget this. It’s usually not the smoothest attorney, the cleverest attorney, or the “smartest” lawyer who wins – it’s the attorneys who prepare that win. We will know everything about your case. We will make a thorough investigation and analysis of the facts and the law. We will be able to provide a candid assessment of your case so you know exactly where you stand as soon as possible. Trials involve months if not years of preparation: interrogatories, depositions, physical evidence, hearings, motions, mediation, and negotiation. By the time documents are exchanged, and pre-trial briefings are submitted to the court, the judge will have a very good idea of how the case is going to turn out. You need attorneys who will diligently prepare.

 The last and most important part of commercial litigation is the outcome. There is a general principal in law that litigants only get one bite at the apple. The most important part of litigation is that it produces a final result. While it may be possible to appeal to certain matters about the case, you should always assume the result of litigation would in fact be final. You are not allowed to re-litigate your case just because you don’t like the outcome. It’s important for litigation to be done right the first time.

 Everyone agrees that litigation is an action of last resort. We know our clients only seek to litigate their most important issues. Our lawyers can help you avoid litigation. But when the other side won’t cede an inch, we will litigate your case to the best of our ability.

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