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Don’t Let Disgruntled Employees Get the Best of Your Business

There is no doubt that employment law is an increasingly complex and specialized field and if cases are not handled correctly, businesses can and do fail due to the disastrous consequences. When you hire an attorney to defend your business from the lies and slander of a disgruntled employee, however, your chances of mounting a solid defense against these baseless claims may be just the thing you need to save both your business’s reputation as well as your own livelihood.

New York has some of the strictest employment laws in the country, and accidentally breaking any of them can lead to a heart-wrenching tragedy for both your wallet and the future of your business. 

Sometimes things get out of control, however, and managers act irresponsibly or punish those under them unfairly. At times like those, employment cases may be warranted against your company, and it’s up to you and your legal team that the bad eggs are shaken loose before they can do more damage to the company you’ve worked so hard to build.

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There is something you can do to ensure that your business will be protected in the event that a blowout occurs that leads to issues with disgruntled employees: look to an attorney with the experience you need to help you through the ins and outs of employment law.

Common Issues that an Employer Defense Attorney Can Help Solve

Employment law covers many different areas, but thankfully our associates have plenty of experience dealing with many of the common employment issues that may arise to a business owner.  Here are some common issues that we deal with on a regular basis here in New York:

  • Contract Disputes – When an employee signs an employment contract, there are certain stipulations that they and their employer agree to. If a former employee feels that their contract has been violated, it can mean time wasted in court as well as fines and fees if it is not taken care of by a talented employment attorney.
  • Discrimination Suits – Violating federal statutes that make it illegal to discriminate can be a hefty charge, often used by disgruntled or angry ex-employees who feel that their race, gender, or any other type of protected class was the reason for their termination, and not legitimate reasons. These cases can be tricky to litigate, but an employment lawyer can help to defend your business and its right to hire and fire whomever, based upon merit and not discriminatory issues.
  • Violating Equal Pay Rules – Disgruntled employees may also claim that they are not being paid fairly or as much as their coworkers for the same job and experience levels. This is a serious accusation, but having an employment lawyer at your side can be the fastest way to solve the issue.
  • Violations of the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) – After someone has a child, there are a few federal protections that they are entitled to. One of these is the time off to nurse their children without being penalized, which is a fair law, but oftentimes new parents can abuse parental leave and cause strain to the business.
  • Violations Related to Immigration – Giving a chance to someone without knowing their immigration status can be dangerous in the employment world, but your business should be penalized for hiring someone of dubious immigration status. Unfairly targeting those who give a fair chance to migrant workers means that this type of suit may be brought against you.
  • Violations of Federal Statutes – Violating any federal statute that the government has passed, such as the WARN Act, can put an unfair burden upon those who are just trying to keep their businesses afloat. If you’ve had issues related to violating federal statutes, get in touch with our employment defense team immediately.
  • Injuries or Fatalities in the Workplace – Sometimes accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean that work should stop forever. When an injury happens, or God forbid, a fatality happens in the workplace, employers can be placed under a heavy load to take responsibility for someone’s irresponsible actions.
  • Cases of Wrongful Termination – Wrongful termination is a word that is thrown around a lot by disgruntled employees, but that doesn’t mean they have a case that will stick. Fight these unfair charges with an employment defense attorney by your employer defense lawyer

Workers Compensation Defense

As an employer, it’s important to be prepared when it comes to fraudulent or mishandled worker’s compensation cases, as mismanaging injuries or ignoring them could get you into hot water. However, if you did all you could to prevent the accident and need a defense lawyer who will help you to fight these unfair charges, get in touch with the New York Litigation Firm.

We’ve handled an array of employer-side legal matters for quite some time, and our team can work with you to develop a solid rebuttal of any charges that might be coming your way before they have a chance to wreck your business’s reputation.

You don’t deserve to have your livelihood taken from you due to a disgruntled employee who is attempting to shake you down, and that’s exactly what we’re here to prevent. When you hire the New York Litigation Firm to defend you, you know you’ll get a bulletproof defense against worker’s compensation claims, hostile workplace claims, and other types of lawsuits usually levied by ex-employees.

New York has a variety of laws that work hard to protect worker’s rights, but that doesn’t mean that your business should suffer due to false or fraudulent claims. Worker’s compensation in particular can be quite dense and difficult to understand to the average person or boss, so consulting with an attorney is your best bet for facing these types of charges head-on.

At NY Litigation Firm, our experienced associates are always available to help you with worker’s compensation issues.

Faragher Ellerth Defense

Hostile work environment claims and suits can be devastating to a growing small business, even if they turn out to be warranted and the business responds to it in a prompt and appropriate manner. Some people will never be happy with the way that they are treated and it is a challenge to meet their needs without facing disastrous lawsuits that they threaten.

One way that the lawyers at NY Litigation Firm can form a solid defense for your company is by way of the Faragher Ellerth Defense, a term used to describe this particular type of case. The term refers to the two court cases that lent to its name wherein employers responded to harassment complaints appropriately but the plaintiff didn’t take advantage of those actions. While employers are required to respond to these types of complaints, it is not always within their power to solve it, and this can become the basis of a solid defense against hostile work environment claims.

Oftentimes this defense is used in sexual harassment cases, but it has also been extended to other protected classes of citizen in some cases. If your company is currently dealing with charges of hostile work environment from a disgruntled employee, it may be time to call a defense attorney who can help you to fight these baseless claims.

Bona Fide Occupational Qualification Defense

Employment discrimination cases come in all forms, but one particular thing to keep in mind is the bona fide occupational qualification, which allows employers to be selective about who they hire based upon certain restricted characteristics. Should your firm interview someone who does not fall within this protected class, you have the ability to selectively remove them from the pool of applicants without risking any real legal liability for discrimination. Although those potential employees may feel as though they’ve been discriminated against, they were in fact rejected from the job due to their lack of qualifications.

In some cases, the bona fide occupational qualification defense will not stand, and it’s best to look into an attorney who can discern what type of defense would be best for your particular case. You should never attempt to fight employment discrimination cases without the help of someone you trust deeply to aid you through the legal challenges that await you. Avoiding the pitfalls that await you is much easier with the help of a defense lawyer, like those here at NY Litigation Firm.

When you hire us to guide you through the difficult task of facing down discrimination charges, you receive personalized service designed to fight off these unfair charges. Call us today to speak with legal counsel about any type of employment law defense.

Hire an Employment Attorney to Protect Your Business

Trying to understand the ins and outs of each and every employment law that applies to your business can be an onerous process, fraught with confusion as well as the fear that you will miss something and your business will be held responsible. It’s not necessary to carry that load all by yourself, however. Hiring an employment defense attorney can have not just a positive impact on your business, but also a positive impact on your mental health.

Leave all of the stress and worry about defense to us. We can ensure that your business assets are protected from disgruntled employees who feel it is their right to try to take that away from you. You deserve more than that for all of the hard work you put into building your income, and there’s no better employment defense team in New York than those who work for the NY Litigation Firm. His associates have handled cases that range over many different areas of law, and they can help you to untangle the complex knot that your former employee may be throwing at you.

Contact us today to speak with an employment defense lawyer who can talk you through the steps forward you can take with your case. All of our initial consultations are on us, allowing us to figure out whether we are the right firm for you.

We’ve handled cases ranging from discrimination to fatalities in the workplace, and we can ensure that your livelihood is protected from those who may be tempted to try to take it away from you.

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