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Starting your own business or growing a successful company is the American Dream. When you start a company or work to build your business into a great success, you take control over your own destiny. You can provide important services to the community, earn a good living, and create a strong legacy for your loved ones.

To build or grow a business, you need more than just a good idea and more than just business savvy.

You need to know how to work within the regulatory and legal systems and how to make the law work for you. A New York City business lawyer can help.

Business law in New York

Yulia Vangorodska has extensive experience providing representation to business organizations at all phases of development. Whether you are just starting your company, are an established business looking to expand, or are happy with your company size but need help protecting your rights, our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team can provide the help you need.

We can both partner with your business to provide the legal advice you need to avoid problems and can work with you when issues arise to ensure your rights are protected. To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call today.

Business Formation

Starting your business off on the right foot is essential to set the stage for success. There are many important decisions that must be made in order to ensure that your company is structured properly to protect you from liability, limit your taxes, and help you to maximize the chances of profitability. There are also legal issues to tackle, ranging from obtaining any necessary licenses for operations to entering into contractual agreements.

A New York City business lawyer at NY Litigation Firm can provide assistance with all of your questions as you get your company started. We can answer your questions, provide advice, help you to understand the legal issues associated with operating a startup, and assist you to complete the formal steps necessary in starting your company. Some of the different services we can provide include the following:

Assistance selecting the right business structure. Your company could be structured as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a Limited Liability Company, a Professional Corporation, a C-corporation, or an S-corporation. There are important differences in startup and ongoing requirements, in how you are taxed and whether your company is treated as a separate legal entity or as an extension of your personal financial situation. A NY business attorney will help you to determine what type of business entity is best.

Help forming the right business entity: We can file Articles of Incorporation for you, assist you in drafting a partnership agreement, or otherwise help you with the necessary steps to take to create the business entity that you have decided is best for your organization.

Help negotiating contracts. When your company first starts, you’ll likely need to negotiate contracts with suppliers, investors, and employees. You should have an advocate negotiating on your behalf and reviewing any contract before you sign.

Assistance reviewing financing and funding agreements. An experienced attorney can provide you with help in reviewing any financing agreements or any contracts associated with different sources of funding such as business or personal loans.

Help with licensing, zoning rules, and certifications: Depending upon the type of business you’ll be operating, you may need to obtain different types of licenses or certifications for operations. Zoning issues may also arise in connection with starting operations. NY Litigation Firm will help you to ensure you are in full compliance with the law.

These are just a few of the many issues affecting startups that a NY business lawyer can help you to address. Our firm has helped many successful startups to get off the ground and we’ll put our knowledge to work to assist you in understanding and addressing the issues that matter when starting a company for the first time.

Business Governance

Your company needs to have the right processes and practices in place to be successful. Whether you are a startup, an established business, or a growing organization, it’s imperative that you establish the protocols necessary for success.

Contractual agreements and other legal tools can help you to ensure that your company will have the right corporate governance to ensure effective operations so your business can be profitable.

A New York business attorney can help you to address many important issues impacting business governance including the following:

Drafting a partnership agreement or shareholders agreement: You want to ensure that you and your co-owners are on the same page when it comes to sharing responsibilities and sharing decision-making authority. Putting an agreement in writing that delineates authority and establishes each party’s obligations can help you to prevent conflict and disagreement from developing. A NY business attorney can provide the necessary help in negotiating and creating the contact that will govern your company’s operations.

Resolving conflicts and disagreements that arise: While you can take smart steps to prevent conflict if you get the right legal help when you begin operations, conflicts do arise in many business organizations. When a problem arises that cannot be resolved, you may need to turn to mediation or litigation so you can come to a compromise or so the court can determine an appropriate course of action. Yulia Vangorodska can help you to try to negotiate to reach a resolution or can assist you with taking appropriate action to ensure the conflict is resolved in a timely manner.

Creating a business succession plan: It is important that all company owners are clear on what will happen in the event of the departure, death, disability, or divorce of any co-owner. You cannot just leave this plan to chance, and when your company first begins operations, you should consider using tools like a buy/sell agreement to ensure you can protect the future operations of the business.

We can also provide assistance with other corporate governance issues, including writing company handbooks, negotiating other contracts, establishing policies to comply with industry regulations, and more.

Intellectual Property Issues

For many companies today, their most valuable property is not a building or equipment but is instead intangible property, a brand identity, or a creative work. Whether your company is valuable because of the logo or slogan that denotes quality, because of an innovative process, because of a comprehensive client list, or because of creative works, you need to ensure that you do everything possible to protect the property that belongs to you.

Intellectual Property law

Protecting trade secrets, proprietary processes, brand identity, logos, and other intellectual property requires specialized knowledge. You will need to understand how to secure patents, trademarks, and copyrights and to go through the official process of protecting intellectual property.

You need to understand trade secrets laws, and ensure you have the right protections in place for your proprietary information. And, you need to enforce your rights if they are violated.

Yulia Vangorodska can assist with taking the steps you need to protect your valuable intellectual property. Our New York intellectual property business lawyers will help you to obtain protections, to license your intellectual property to enhance profits, and to protect your property through aggressively acting against violators.

Regulatory Compliance

If your company wants to succeed, you need to ensure you do not draw the ire of regulators with authority to levy fines or shut down operations. There are a huge number of different state and federal agencies that impose regulations and obligations on businesses, including the IRS, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and more.

If you fail to comply with one of thousands of different regulations, you could face serious consequences including fines, work stoppages, and more.

A business lawyer in New York can help you to understand the rules governing your organization so you can make sure you are in full compliance and not at risk of adverse action by regulatory agencies.

General Counsel

Many businesses choose to have attorneys who they partner with to handle all of their legal issues. These attorney partners can provide legal knowledge to inform all of the key decisions that companies make. The unique perspective of a qualified, experienced business lawyer helps to provide companies with a competitive advantage, and allows businesses to reduce the risks of facing serious legal problems.

An attorney who works regularly with a company can get to know the organization’s short and long-term goals and can serve as a sounding board and advisor as the company makes key decisions. An attorney who partners with a company can also respond assertively and aggressively to any threats to the organization’s interests and can develop a comprehensive, strategic approach to responding to problems – which may include bringing in and overseeing outside experts.

If your organization wants an experienced business lawyer in New York to partner with you and serve as your general counsel, NY Litigation Firm  is the ideal choice. Our legal team brings advanced legal knowledge, decades of collective experience, and an unparalleled history of helping businesses to succeed.

Nonprofit Organizations

NY Litigation Firm not only provides help to for-profit organizations, but we can also assist nonprofits as well.

Organizing your company as a nonprofit provides many significant advantages. Nonprofits can obtain tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations, and nonprofits also receive special treatment under the U.S. tax code.

There are stringent requirements to organize and operate as a nonprofit. You need to prove your organization serves a qualifying public purpose and must provide details on your financials. We can help you to determine if your business can qualify as a nonprofit and can help you to take steps to obtain this official classification. We can also help you to ensure you comply with the necessary obligations to maintain your nonprofit status.


Companies in all different industries inevitably must become involved in negotiations as part of the normal course of operations. Whether you’re negotiating a lease, drafting a contract with a supplier, employer or investor, negotiating financing, or involved in negotiations to resolve a conflict, you need to ensure you understand your rights, protect your interests, and arrive at a deal that is favorable or fair to you.

Our NY business attorneys can bring our strong negotiating skills to the table on your company’s behalf. We have a strong history of helping business clients to drive a hard bargain without putting a deal at risk so you ultimately get the best contract possible.

We can also provide help reviewing and drafting agreements to ensure your company’s interests are protected.

Corporate Records

Maintaining corporate formalities is key to getting the tax benefits and liability protections associated with incorporation. Maintaining your corporate records is one of the most important things your organization needs to do in order to ensure you maintain corporate formalities.

Your corporate records can also be important if litigation arises in connection with problems with corporate governance or other operational issues.

Yulia Vangorodska can help you to understand what should be included in your corporate records and can help you to ensure you have the type of comprehensive, detailed records you need to survive an audit or to strengthen your position when other legal problems arise.


Hiring workers is often necessary for your organization to grow. However, when you hire employees, there are risks to your organization. There are also requirements you must comply with, including requirements related to wage-and-hour laws, workplace safety, and nondiscrimination.

A NY employment lawyer at NY Litigation Firm can help you to understand your obligations as an employer, to draft appropriate contracts and agreements including employee policies and non-competition agreements, and to ensure that you take swift action in the event of problems with

Getting Help from a New York City Business Attorney

New York business lawyers can help with all of these issues and many more.

If you run a company or are thinking of starting one, give us a call today to find out how an experienced business law professional at our New York firm can help you.

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