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Business & Commercial Contract Disputes

Humans are prone to disagreeing and acting badly on occasion. Since businesses are just humans interacting, commercial disputes are an occasional reality. Contract disputes can occur between competing businesses, suppliers, financiers/investors, insurers, contractors, partners, shareholders, employees, and customers. A commercial dispute can range from an honest miscommunication, to outright fraud. If your business is facing a legal dispute, our attorneys can secure an efficient and final resolution to the dispute, possibly without filing a paper in court.

Facing a Business Dispute in New York or Nationwide? Seek Advice from a Top Commercial Litigation Attorney!

Our commercial litigation law firm focuses on serving businesses and the people in business. Our attorneys understand you’d rather invest your time and money into your business rather than handling business lawsuits. The cheapest dispute is the one that never happens. Our legal representation can efficiently resolve existing disputes, including business contract disputes, international commercial disputes, and small business litigation, and identify potential disputes for pro-active prevention.

Our attorneys serve as counsel to plaintiff and defendants in litigating commercial disputes. We can take immediate steps to pursue action or defend against a claim.

Contract Dispute: Pursue the Legal Path

Disputes generally revolve around some type of contract. A contract is nothing more than an exchange of legally enforceable promises. You have every right to expect your contracts to be performed to the full extent of their terms. When other parties break their promises it hurts your business. There is no reason to tolerate parties who cut corners, miss deadlines, and fail to perform. A business is the sum of its contract and disputes impair the value of your contracts; thus impairing the value of your business.

If a non-lawyer drafted your initial contract or agreement, it is wise to seek legal advice. It is easy for non-lawyers to misuse legal terms, and make consequential errors. Furthermore, the laws of the State of New York and the Uniform Commercial Code as well as other laws and regulations may overrule the terms of your contract. Contrary to popular belief, a contract is rarely ironclad.

Top Ranked Business Dispute Lawyers Who You Can Trust

Vangorodska Law Firm, P.C. serves businesses by handling the following types of disputes:

Commercial Disputes: A Lawsuit or Resolution?

If you’re facing a business dispute, it’s important to get your own independent legal advice regarding the situation. You should never trust the other side’s attorney, because an attorney has a duty to advocate for one side. Your opponent’s attorney is not your attorney.

Most disputes can be settled through negotiation. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who can settle disputes quickly and favorably. We are masters of commercial dispute resolution. Our business dispute team has a record of resolving disputes long before the first documents ever have to be filed in court. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and advocates who are able to secure a settlement agreement in commercial disputes.. It is our goal to prevent possible disputes, resolve existing disputes, and do everything in an efficient manner.

Whether you’re already ensnared in a legal dispute, or you see storm clouds on the horizon – contact us today for a consultation. We are standing by 24/7 to accept your call from New York or nationwide.

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