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Property Damage Litigation

We don’t live in a perfectly safe world. Our property is susceptible to all kinds of destructive forces. Fire, floods, plumbing, mold, bacteria, vandalism, accidents, negligence, and natural disasters, etc. can all cause significant damage to your property. It’s practically impossible to fully your property. When your property has been damaged by someone else, or by outside forces, it ought to be replaced or compensated.

Property damage is a potential problem for anybody who owns anything. Our property damage attorneys work with property owners to manage that risk. It’s important to anticipate these vulnerabilities. Purchasing adequate insurance and anticipating claims is essential managing risk.

Property damage claim is also a common issue in construction. During construction a building is extra vulnerable to negligence, professional malpractice, weather, and unethical employees. Our property damage lawyer can work with owners, principals, and contractors to represent your legal rights when something goes wrong on the job site.

Our attorneys are experienced with property damage claims. We can evaluate your claim and your policy to determine your rights and potential liabilities.

Property Damage Claim Process

A claim can be taken directly against the offending party. However, since most property is insured, most claims will be taken against insurance companies. Whether you’re dealing with another party, or an insurance company, Vangorodska Law Firm can help you be fully and fairly compensated.

Damaged Property in NYC

Property damage in NYC is most likely a legal case

It is advisable to consult with an experienced property damage attorney as early as possible. Handling a claim correctly from the beginning will save time down the road. Our litigation attorney in New York can analyze the damage (bringing in outside experts if necessary), determine the full extent of your claim, and then move strategically to get compensation as soon as possible. If your property has been damaged, and the insurance company is not honoring their policy to the fullest extent, our attorneys can help you file property damage lawsuit.

Property Damage Insurance Claims Litigation

An insurance policy is like a product and a contract. As a contract, it’s a legally binding promise from the insurance company. Like any product, you have a legal right to expect that the product will perform as advertised and as warranted. A company who insures property has voluntarily promised to compensate you in the event that the property is damaged.

The purpose of an insurance company is to protect your property. The insurance company makes money by making guesses about risk. If the guesses are good, the insurance company makes money. If the guesses are bad, it loses money. The reality is an insurance company makes money by limiting compensation. It is inherent to an insurance companies business model to deny or limit coverage. When you purchase an insurance policy, you have every right to make a claim, and be fully compensated to the extent in the policy. You shouldn’t be punished because an insurance company failed to calculate risks. Don’t let your insurance companies put its profits before your legal rights.

The state of New York closely regulates insurance companies. Our experienced litigation attorneys have the knowledge and experience to make sure your claim is being handled according the law.

If your claim has been denied, you don’t have to take the insurance company’s word for it. Our attorneys have experience reviewing denied claims, and spotting crucial errors and omissions. Often it’s possible to work out a settlement with the insurance company without going to court. But if necessary, we are always ready to go to court.

If you have been accused of damaging property, top ranked New York commercial litigation lawyer Yulia Vangorodska can defend your rights and negotiate a favorable settlement if necessary. Some people are negligent in protecting their own property. It’s human nature to blame others when the damage is by and large their own fault. Accordingly, we can defendant against accusations of negligence. We can use a plaintiff’s negligence to offset any negligence by the defendant.

Contact our office today if you need to make or defend against a claim of property damage.

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