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Of Counsel Services

Our firm is please to offer “of counsel” legal services in addition to standard representation.

What is “of counsel” service? Perhaps a business needs a lawyer to handle a small but regularly occurring legal matter. Occasionally a lawyer from another state will need a New York licensed attorney to appear in a New York court. Sometimes a firm that doesn’t normally handle complex business cases needs assistance in preparing for litigation. These are all situations where “of counsel” service is appropriate.

The term “of counsel” can mean several things, but it is generally used to describe a close, regular, and personal relationship with an attorney who is not a traditional partner or associate. The title is often used to designate a temporary, part-time, retired, or some other non-traditional arrangement between the attorney and his or her employer or client.

Our firm focuses on all aspects of commercial law and litigation, including construction, real estate, intellectual property and art. Therefore, our “of counsel” services are especially useful to business and fellow lawyers.

For businesses, hiring our firm on an “of counsel” basis to handle routine legal matters can be substantially less expansive than hiring full time in-house counsel. Your business will have access to our entire team who are well versed in all areas of commercial law and litigation. The next time you have a quick legal question, instead of searching for a lawyer, scheduling a consultation, explaining your business, and so on – you can just pick up the phone and get a quick answer from us. Hiring our firm is like having your own in-house counsel at a fraction of the price.

For lawyers, our firm is pleased to help fellow attorneys. Whether you need help in an area of law that may be outside of your expertise, your a non-NY lawyer who needs local representation, or you want more comprehensive assistance with your case, we are here to help. We can provide limited representation on a single issue, all the way to more thorough representation. We can also serve as local counsel for attorneys not admitted to practice in New York. As of counsel attorney, we know that how we treat your clients reflects directly on you. We will strive to meet and exceed your expectations of client service.

If you are a fellow lawyer seeking assistance, let’s work together. Please contact us today to learn how an of counsel relationship to can save you money and help you out.

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New York commercial litigator Yulia Vangorodska, Esq - logo

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