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NY Business Lawyer Provides Services Related to Contracts

Contracts are essential to be able to do business. Contracts essentially form private laws which guarantee that the parties to the agreement will fulfill their obligations or face consequences. Without contracts, companies could not hire workers, lease space, obtain supplies, or sell products or services to clients without taking on tremendous risks.

Contracts, when well-drafted, can make each party’s obligations clear and can vest each party to the agreement with important legal protections.

Because your company’s chances of success can be profoundly impacted by the nature of the contracts that your organization enters into, it is imperative you have an experienced New York contracts lawyer providing you representation.

Contract attorneys

Yulia Vangorodska can help you with negotiating contracts, drafting contracts, and responding appropriately in situations where a contract is allegedly breached.

Give us a call today to find out more about how we can represent your interests in any contractual agreements you make or any transactions you enter into that are governed by a contract.

Contracts in Business

A New York business lawyer can provide you with assistance in understanding the types of contracts that you need to create in order to protect your interests as a business entity or as an entrepreneur.

There is an almost endless list of contracts that organizations may need to enter into, depending upon the nature of their operations and the types of transactions that they need to enter into as part of normal operations.

However, some of the most common types of contracts used in business include:

Nondisclosure agreements: These agreements can prevent the disclosure of trade secrets and other proprietary information when confidential information is shared with others, such as employees.

Non-competition agreements: These agreements are not enforceable in all jurisdictions and to be enforceable at all, they must be narrowly tailored in scope so they do not prevent employees from earning a living. Still, they can provide important protection for companies who entrust workers with client lists or confidential information.

Financing agreements: When your company secures financing from a lender or an investor, you need an agreement making the terms of the financing clear.

Partnership agreements or shareholder agreements: Contracts between co-owners can help to ensure the company operates smoothly.

Lease agreements: If your company leases space or equipment, you’ll need to ensure you have a written lease in place.

Real estate purchase/sales contracts: When your company buys property or sells it, contracts will govern the transaction.

Employment agreements: Your company may wish to enter into contracts with employers or independent contracts setting forth the terms of the relationship.

Contracts with suppliers: When you are purchasing products to resell, raw materials, or other essential supplies, you need a contract specifying what your payment and other obligations are and providing details on what will be provided to you.

Contracts with customers: Many companies enter into contracts with customers to make the company’s obligations clear and to protect the interests of the company. For example, contracts may specify that disputes need to be resolved in arbitration.

This is just a brief list of the types of contracts that companies enter into every day. You may have many other contracts that you need to negotiate and sign for a wide range of issues ranging from licensing intellectual property to making agreements with wholesalers.

A New York business lawyer can help you to understand the types of contracts that should be put in place to protect your interests.

Negotiating and Drafting a Contract

While there are standard form contracts available for many different kinds of transactions, most companies will either create their own contractual agreements or modify these standard form contracts to ensure that their organizations’ interests are protected.

When negotiating and drafting a contract, it is imperative you are represented by an experienced attorney who understands the law and who can help you with the process. You need an attorney who understands the types of protective clauses that you want to ensure are included in the contract, and you need to make sure that you have a lawyer who can help you to draft a contract that will be enforceable and not contain clauses that are void against public policy.

Negotiating a contract can be a delicate balancing act in which you push for the inclusion of clauses that you care about and for contract terms that are favorable to you – while also making sure that negotiations do not fall apart because your demands are not reasonable. A New York contract lawyer understands how to negotiate effectively to protect your key business deals while maximizing the chances that the contract you enter into is favorable to you.

A contract lawyer at our NY business law firm can also help you to ensure that your language is clear, your contract follows legal formalities, and the contract can be enforced if problems arise.

Enforcing a Contract

Ideally, all parties to a contract will fulfill their obligations and the contract will be executed properly in accordance with its terms.

Sometimes, however, you will be accused of breaching a contract or the other party to the agreement will fail to fulfill contract terms and your company will need to make a claim for breach of contract.

If this occurs, we can help. Our New York contract lawyers can help you to resolve contract disputes in mediation, arbitration, or litigation. We can defend you against accusations of a breach and help you to obtain the maximum remedy if someone breaches an agreement that harms your organization.

Getting Help from New York Contract Lawyers

New York contract lawyers at our firm can provide the help and support you need as your company negotiates, signs, or enforces contracts. Whether you need help drafting an enforceable agreement to protect trade secrets, want a contract with customers or suppliers reviewed, need help responding to breach allegations, or need to enforce your contractual rights, our firm can provide the support and advice that you need.

To find out more about how our legal team can help you with all of the legal issues that you face related to contract law, give us a call today.

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