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Firm Overview

A good lawyer solves problems. A great lawyer prevents problems. Some lawyers are good at putting out fires. Other lawyers are good at preventing fires from ever happening in the first place. The best problem is the one that never happens. We strive to make that our goal.

When you are already facing a dispute, whether it’s with an outside competitor or an inside partner, we will not only solve the dispute, but put you in a position to avoid future disputes. Some lawyers are good at inventing problems – our attorneys don’t invent problems, we solve them.

We believe sound legal advice should make your life easier and save you money. Therefore, we take a business-oriented approach to law. Our firm focuses on delivering genuine value to our clients by resolving disputes, preventing future problems, and getting things done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Good legal advice is an investment, and we work diligently to provide real return on your legal investment.

Your Personal Commercial Litigation New York Attorney

Much of our practice focuses on litigation. While litigation includes arguing trials in court, litigation is really much more than that. Litigation includes all the research and preparation before a trial. It includes all the pre-trial motions and procedures that really dictate the direction the case. Litigation also includes alternative dispute resolution where parties try to settle the matter outside the court. In reality, very few cases ever go to trial. Don’t be surprised if our litigation team gets you a favorable outcome before a trial ever begins.

Our attorneys wear many hats: advocate, advisor, counselor, fiduciary, negotiator, strategist, writer. A lawyer should be well versed in the law, of course. But a lawyer also needs to have a strong understanding of psychology, history, economics, finance, and science. The factor that unites all these roles is trust. A lawyer is somebody you can turn to with important information and important decisions. It is our professional duty to keep your confidences, provide candid advice, and take action.

As a result of this high level of trust, the attorney-client relationship is special. The level of trust between a client and his or her attorney goes beyond any other professional relationship. You can be honest with us, and we will be candid with you. The lawyer’s office is the last place in the world you can be completely honest.

What does a lawyer actually do? There are two types of law, the statutory law and the common law. The statutory law is all the written laws in the New York code, regulations, and Constitution, and so on. However, it is impossible for statutory law to be thorough enough to cover every unique situation. The common law interprets the statutory law. So as lawyers, we do most our work in the common law. We take the facts of your situation and argue for an interpretation of the statutory law that is most favorable to your facts. If we succeed, that interpretation becomes part of the common law.

An attorney is a problem solver. You bring us your problems, and we solve them.

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New York commercial litigator Yulia Vangorodska, Esq - logo

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Call Now (212) 729-7437 Available 24/7

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