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Construction Law & Litigation

Building a project requires vision and determination. It also requires legal risk management and dispute resolution. Our commercial litigation law firm can help you manage the risks and resolve the disputes in order to make your vision a reality.

Construction involves a complex network of players: owners, lenders, architects, engineers, contractors, insurers, etc. Our attorneys can help make sure everyone works together to see the project completed.

Our construction lawyers will work with you to understand and accomplish your specific goals. Our experience gives us knowledge of real-world cost and schedule issues. Sometimes the little things such as a late delivery, and non-conforming specifications can be innocent mistakes. Other times, these things are the early warning signs of bigger problems on the horizon. You need a legal team with experience to know the difference.

Construction Law

Construction law is fascinating for lawyers because so many areas of law are in play: Contracts. Financing. Surety bonds. Liens. Insurance. Employment. Zoning. Environment. Indemnity. Assignments. Installments. Personal injury. However, we know the legal aspects of construction can be a headache for you and your business. Good legal planning is necessary to a successful project.

Construction in New York City

Construction is serious business, and so is construction law

Every state, including New York, has an area of its code dedicated to construction law. These laws are dense in legalese and can be intimidating to even experienced construction attorneys. Construction law isn’t a subject that is taught to everyone in law school. You need a legal team with specialized experience in the construction code. Our construction team has that specialized experience.

Our construction lawyer can help you negotiate deals and draft contract that will help your vision become reality. Drafting and executing solid contracts is important to managing legal risk. With expensive construction projects, it’s important to seek legal advice from the beginning. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that certainly holds true in construction.

Construction Litigation: Why You Need a Lawyer?

When a dispute occurs, our construction litigation attorneys will resolve it efficiently and completely. Our attorneys have the experience to know the difference between little problems and problems indicative of future troubles. Common dispute and litigation areas include: non-payment, non-performance, mechanic’s liens, property damage, change orders, etc.

Construction defect lawyers will assess the situation and file a lawsuit, if possible.

In some situations it becomes clear that a party cannot deliver on time. Perhaps the other party has made some oral indications they are having troubles.  When breach of contract seems inevitable, you don’t have sit around and wait for the breach before you take action.

Our construction litigation & construction defect lawyers can use a variety of legal remedies to ensure that you are not only compensated, but also that the project is completed.

Litigation in construction is serious business and it needs to be done right the first time. Similar to the idea of double jeopardy in criminal law, you cannot try the same case twice in court. If your case is messed up the first time, you will likely not get a second bite at the apple, so to speak.

Construction always involves substantial investment and risk. Our construction team can help make sure your project gets down on time and on budget. Vangorodska Law Firm can help you put the law on your side to reduce to ensure timely performance.

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