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International Commercial Litigation

We live in a global community and it’s hard to be in business today without dealing with some foreign entity. You may source foreign products, have contracts with foreign companies, or comply with foreign laws and regulations. While the opportunities in the global marketplace are immense, international legal risks do accompany those opportunities. The wise business will proactively manage these risks and resolve disputes quickly and in a manner that is internationally accepted.

It goes without saying, not every country operates like the United States. Depending on the country, there can be a huge difference between what the law says and how it is actually applied. If you are doing business internationally, you need to be aware of the legal playing field across the globe. Our attorneys can explain from experience how the law actually works in foreign country.

In addition to international laws, international procedures can get cumbersome. What courts can you go to? What laws apply? What procedures apply? How can the judgment be enforced? Our international business litigation attorneys can help you anticipate or resolve these legal issues.

International Trade Lawyers

We Deal with Business Disputes on an International Level

The most common international business disputes revolve around contracts and intellectual property. If you are facing a dispute with a foreign entity, our international business litigation attorneys can help you.


The best way to prevent an international dispute is to write good contracts. An international contract needs to consider American law, foreign law, and various international agreements and practices. When creating a contract the parties can agree ahead of time which law and which courts will govern any disputes. Our New York business attorneys will draft international contracts that will work in your favor.

Complying with Foreign Law

Failing to comply with foreign laws and regulations may land in you trouble with a foreign government. Dispute with foreign businesses can be tricky enough, but a dispute with a foreign government is whole other problem. We can help ensure you are in compliance with various foreign laws and regulations, thus preventing major problems.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an area where there can be a big difference between what the law says and how it is actually applied. Many countries claim to protect intellectual property including patents, trademarks, and copyrights – however, in reality many countries do not protect intellectual property. Our intellectual property firm can help protect your intellectual property in other countries.

International Dispute Resolution and Litigation

There are numerous international forums for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR can be a preferable method of settling a dispute, but only if it is done correctly. Our attorneys can help you resolve a dispute through ADR in manner that is both favorable and internationally enforceable.

If the dispute is headed toward litigation, we can analyze the jurisdiction issues and get the case in the court that is most favorable to you. Naturally, each party will want home court advantage, so to speak. However, home court advantage may be illusory. Our attorneys will analyze the facts of your case and do everything possible to land the case in the most favorable jurisdiction.

Enforcing judgments

What matters most to you is enforcing a judgment. When it comes to litigation, the final judgment is the bottom-line. Enforcing a domestic judgment against a non-cooperative party can be tricky enough, but enforcing an American judgment in a foreign country, or enforcing a foreign Judgment here in the New York presents a whole new set of issues. Likewise, bringing a foreign judgment into the United States can be problematic.

Whether its handling the case, or enforcing the outcome, our NYC commercial litigation lawyers can get the best results possible under the law.

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