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Opioids Poised To Trigger Largest Litigation In American History

2018 has seen a spike in opioid-linked lawsuits in American history. The filings have been against pharmaceutical companies and their leaders as well as retail pharmacies. What makes 2018 unique, besides the number of lawsuits, are few of the lawsuits were brought by opioid victims or their

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Microsoft and Samsung Resolve Dispute over Android Devices

Microsoft and Samsung have finally ended their dispute after six months. Microsoft had sued Samsung for violating terms of a patent licensing agreement. It claimed that Samsung had failed to make timely royalty payments related to their patent licensing deal and had withheld interest payments stemming from the

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Impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster1

Impact of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster

Tens of billions of dollars in losses have been incurred due to the Gulf Coast Deepwater Horizon oil spill. There have been thousands of square miles of waters closed to fishing, swimming and/or boating, and thousands of square miles of historic coastal marshes, cypress forests, barrier islands, and white sand beaches compromised. Fishermen and marine businesses have lost and continue to lose income and be put out of business; the tourism industry and hotels, resorts, restaurant owners, and oth

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Innovative Lawsuit Against U.S. Bank

Hayward Ferrell of Huber Heights, Ohio has initiated an innovative lawsuit against U.S. Bank, a division of U.S. Bancorp, one of the largest banks in the country. This lawsuit is related to a popular type of government-guaranteed mortgage that in fact requires banks to take distinct step i

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