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Chris Dodd

Financial Protection Rollbacks Threaten Litigation

In November 2009, American Senator Chris Dodd proposed the Restoring American Financial Security Act. The bill required stock and insurance brokers to get registered as investment advisers with the SEC. The Senate version of the bill subjected brokers to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Under Dodd’s legislation brokers were bound to owe a fiduciary duty to their

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Floating park in NYC

New Yorkers Say Goodbye to Floating Park

It seems that some New Yorkers hate things that float. An innovative and ambitious plan to erect a floating park on the Hudson River just off 13th Street West turned out to be a big letdown. The floating park known as Pier 55 was supposed to be an undulating platform that would have stood on the pilings in the Hudson River. The developers had planned for a lush landscape dotted with stages for dance, music, and theater. It was nicknamed read more

The Edge vs. California

The most bitter property battle in US history is about to start in California.  Since buying 151 acres in the Santa Monica mountains in California way back in 2005, a progressive war has waged between the environmental groups backed by state agencies and the Dubliner, David Evans. Also known as the Edge, David wants to build five exclusive mansions on Malibu land known as Sweetwater Mesa, an open space that h

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Real Estate and Construction Litigation Can Affect Property Values

Construction litigation is not pleasant for anyone involved, from homeowners or condo owners to the builders and developers who are responsible for completing projects to specifications. Litigation expenses can grow quickly when post-construction problems are discovered and there is often significant disagreement regarding the exte

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Salmonella Heidelberg

Cargill Restarts Arkansas Turkey Plant

Cargill, the 150-year old food and agricultural company, is about to hit the reset button on operations. Observers are wondering if the company will completely reboot. On August 3, Cargill sent out a recall for over 35 million pounds of ground turkey. The recall was one of the biggest American meat recalls in history. The problem triggering the recall started in February when a salmonella outbreak was

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