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Category Archives: Fraud & Deceit

Monsanto sued in Los Angeles County for false advertising

Monsanto Sued In Los Angeles for False Advertising

Monsanto is still dodging a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County, California. This lawsuit claims Monsanto is guilty of false advertising. They claim arose from television ads which claimed glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, targets enzymes found only in plants and not mammals. Monsanto claimed Glyphosate is harml

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Attack Blog's Salvos against Corporation and Blogger's Use of Copyrighted Photos in Parodies of Management Deemed Non-Actionable by California District Court

Attack Blog’s Salvos against Corporation and Blogger’s Use of Copyrighted Photos in Parodies of Management Deemed Non-Actionable by California District Court

Many blog sites on the Internet are devoted to complaints or criticism of the practices of businesses and their executives. For example, we recently blogged about a site that critiques the practices of beauty company Mary Kay, Inc. --read more

Pharrell Williams Speaks Out Against Copyright Litigation Verdict

In a decision by a federal court in Los Angeles, singers Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have been ordered to pay damages of $7.3 million to the Marvin Gaye estate. The jury has ruled that Williams’ single "Blurred Lines" infringed the cop

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UMG Recordings v. Augusto First Sale Doctrine Protects Reseller of Promo CDs

UMG Recordings v. Augusto: First Sale Doctrine Protects Reseller of Promo CDs

Living on the west side of Los Angeles puts me smack in the middle of the entertainment industry. I have often seen promotional copies of DVDs of TV shows and feature films or music CDs being exchanged at parties, and even seen stacks of these being left out by the side of the street for trash pickup. Studios and labels don't want this

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McAdoo Files Lawsuit against University of North Carolina

Michael McAdoo, a former University of North Carolina football player, has filed a lawsuit against the school on the grounds that the school failed to provide him and other athletes a quality education. The class-action lawsuit was filed this week in US District Court in Charlotte. According to McAdoo, the school had gu

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Computer Forensics Expert

Computer Forensics Expert Can Save You Money in Litigation

When a business has to call for the services of a Computer Forensics Expert, CFE, people are as involved as the computers. Long before filing a lawsuit, you need to make some choices including how best to handle situations which may involve employees. Finding out from a competitor that your employees are accused of stealing proprietary information is bad. A visit by law enforcement regarding misconduc

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Getting a Divorce if Your Ex Has a Gambling Addiction

Going through a divorce is never easy. If an addiction is involved, it can be even harder. Gambling addiction can be one of the most difficult addictions since the addicted won’t be leaving whiskey bottles laying around. With a little effort, it can be done though. Pathological gambling may resolve over time with some, rare individuals. Regardless, the effects it can h

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Drugs Boring

How to Make Drugs Boring, In Five Simple Steps

Politicians and law enforcement have used many tactics to fight the war on drugs, but they have been frustrated at every turn. Arresting users doesn't stop people from using drugs. Eradicating crops and labs doesn't end the supply. DARE campaigns don't persuade kids to stay away from drugs in the first place. So far, the war on drugs is a massive, frustrating, expensive flop. But there is a weapon more

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Is That Online Image You Just Grabbed OK to Use?

The issue of copyrighting images has stirred a heated debate on LinkedIn. The question that got the discussion started? "I have been asked to take head shots and other portrait type photos for a new cli

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The Domain Name as Collateral: Considerations for Creditors Seeking to Use a Domain Name as a Security Interest or as a Source of Payment on a Judgment

For many firms, on-line property, such as their domain names and the interactive software that they permits users to access, constitutes the vast majority of the value of their business. Firms such as and eBay heavily market their domain names, with the result that their domain names have become their primary trademarks and are worth billions of dollars. Lenders would na

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