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Getting a Divorce if Your Ex Has a Gambling Addiction

divorceGoing through a divorce is never easy. If an addiction is involved, it can be even harder. Gambling addiction can be one of the most difficult addictions since the addicted won’t be leaving whiskey bottles laying around. With a little effort, it can be done though.

Pathological gambling may resolve over time with some, rare individuals. Regardless, the effects it can have on a marriage can be devastating. The financial and emotional costs can be enormous and can even ruin what was once the best of relationships.

If you are already in the process of litigating custody and need to prove that your ex has a gambling addiction, you have some work ahead. There are methods to obtain the evident and show it to the court to support your custody case. YOU may know the ex has a gambling problem, but the courts will want evidence and won’t settle just for accusations. Actually, if you make too many accusations and can’t back them up with proof, your creditability may be shot and it can work against you.

If you’re seeking custody, joint or full, the court may want to have you and your ex both talk with a professional for evaluation. The service provider will look at many things in your past lives — including addictions. But a service provider may not be the only person delving into your past. In certain circumstances, an investigator might be tasked with uncovering gambling addictions as well as addictions to drugs, sex, or alcohol. Any evidence turned up, could be used in subsequent litigation.

The evaluated ordered by the court will consider addictions when determining the potential damage to children or instability in the home. If you can prove — again, with evidence — that your ex has a gambling addiction, you can win custody.

Gambling addictions can be fed almost anywhere. A person doesn’t just have to hit the casino. In 2014 there are hundreds, if not thousands, of internet gambling sites. Anyone with a gambling problem might have several accounts with online bookies to take care of sports betting, race betting and even online card gaming. Since the online sites require the use of a valid email address, investigators won’t have much of a problem tracing the email address back to the holder.

Once you, or an investigator, have determined which online gambling operations your ex has accounts with, it becomes a very easy thing for a divorce, or custody, attorney to get the financial records from the gambling site. The records will show the time and money spent on heir addiction and will prove to be valuable in court.

A knowledgeable attorney can advise you on the best route to take once the evidence of a gambling addiction has been gathered.

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