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uber lawsuit

Uber’s Attempt to Avoid Class-Action Lawsuit

Uber has faced one of its biggest courtroom confrontations in its effort to and convince a judge to block a lawsuit from turning into a class-action suit. The suit in question seeks mileage and tip reimbursement for 160,000 Uber drivers in California. The case will go before US District Judge Edward Chen where he will decide whether it should be granted class-action status. This court case comes at a time when on-demand

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Soaring medical patient

Soaring medical malpractice claims place more strain on the NHS

With the economy under strain at present, budget cuts have been made to many public bodies and institutions, including the NHS. With life expectancy increasing and treatment lists lengthening the burden on the health service is huge. This has been exacerbated in recent years by the soaring cost to the NHS of medical malpractice claims. It has been estimated that the service faces payments of over £15

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Lane v. Facebook: Privacy Class Action Settlement Requires Facebook to Pay $9.5 Million, but Provides No Direct Benefits to Most Plaintiffs

Consumers who believe they have suffered an injury from a large corporation get excited when they hear that a class action has been filed to requite the wrong. What they often don't realize is that if the class action is successful, it may well result in a settlement that will provide them l

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Real Estate and Construction Litigation Can Affect Property Values

Construction litigation is not pleasant for anyone involved, from homeowners or condo owners to the builders and developers who are responsible for completing projects to specifications. Litigation expenses can grow quickly when post-construction problems are discovered and there is often significant disagreement regarding the exte

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Attack Blog's Salvos against Corporation and Blogger's Use of Copyrighted Photos in Parodies of Management Deemed Non-Actionable by California District Court

Attack Blog’s Salvos against Corporation and Blogger’s Use of Copyrighted Photos in Parodies of Management Deemed Non-Actionable by California District Court

Many blog sites on the Internet are devoted to complaints or criticism of the practices of businesses and their executives. For example, we recently blogged about a site that critiques the practices of beauty company Mary Kay, Inc. --read more

9/11 Ruling and Early Case Dismissals

According to a recent study to be published in the Virginia Law Review, the decision taken six years ago by the Supreme Court that transformed civil litigation in the federal courts has affected the powerless the hardest. The study looked at over 4000 opinions and orders in 15 federal cour

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World Health Alternatives, Inc. – Delaware Court Confirms Fiduciary Duties of Corporate Officers

Miller v. McDonald (In re World Health Alternatives, Inc.)  ---- B.R. ----, 2008 WL 1002035 (Bkrtcy D.Del. April 2008) Issue:   Do corporate officers owe a fiduciary duty to a corporation?  Do they breach this duty by “failing to implement an adequate monitoring system and/or the failure to utilize such system to safeguard against corporate wrongdoing”? Holding:      Yes - Yes Judge Walsh The tru

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Sea World Theme Park Faces another Lawsuit

Sea World, California has been hit with another class action lawsuit. The aquatic theme park company has been accused of misleading the public into believing that its captive, performing killer whales are happy and healthy. This is the third lawsuit in three weeks involving Sea

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Pharrell Williams Speaks Out Against Copyright Litigation Verdict

In a decision by a federal court in Los Angeles, singers Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have been ordered to pay damages of $7.3 million to the Marvin Gaye estate. The jury has ruled that Williams’ single "Blurred Lines" infringed the cop

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Microsoft and Samsung Resolve Dispute over Android Devices

Microsoft and Samsung have finally ended their dispute after six months. Microsoft had sued Samsung for violating terms of a patent licensing agreement. It claimed that Samsung had failed to make timely royalty payments related to their patent licensing deal and had withheld interest payments stemming from the

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