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Affidavits Are Also Affirmations

Affidavits Are Also AffirmationsThe affidavit is a written version of sworn statement: a voluntary oath before a notary public, judge or commissioner of deed, all of whom are authorized to administer oaths. Both the affiant and the authorized officer are required to sign the affidavit.

The affidavit is also a useful tool in rectifying inadvertently wrongful data.

A simple example of an affidavit is the “Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons” purposely to facilitate the correction of another person’s name. These two (2) particular disinterested persons issuing the affidavit are usually older close acquaintances of the other person’s family. The affidavit they swear to will explicitly state that they both know that the person seeking the correction of name is one and the same as that person they know since childhood years, etc. etc.

The notarized affidavit then becomes a very important supporting document; usually as attachment to the correction of name or some other form, commonly used by government or private agencies expressly for the purpose of rectifying erroneous entry of persons’ names.

On the other hand, affidavits are collected and used in the preparation of lawsuits. Preliminary legal proceedings necessitate that affidavits are completed before the filing of a legal action between two parties in a court of law.

A falsely prepared affidavit will result to perjury, which is a criminal offense and is punishable in court. Severe punishment awaits those who dare tamper with facts and figures.

Filing of affidavit should be factual and truthful. People, places and circumstances or events should be accurate contents of an affidavit. The affidavit based on prefabrications is incriminating and will hold the affiant vulnerable to a counter lawsuit by the opposite party.

Affidavits should always be regarded with care and caution. A notarized affidavit is not something to brandish about or to be used as tool to destroy your enemy – perceived or otherwise.

The affidavit speaks for a person and of a person. Depending on the motives by which an affidavit is presented, affidavits can either be moral or immoral. Affidavits can be good or bad.

Affidavits, however legalese it can get, is also an affirmation of a person’s being. An affidavit can actually bares one’s soul for the world to know – better or worse.

The use and abuse of affidavits is common. Affidavits can make or break anyone. Affidavits can build or ruin an empire. Why? Affidavits spin off court litigations, small or great. Affidavit could be that minute cog of the big machine of justice or injustice. Take your pick!

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