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Salmonella Heidelberg

Cargill Restarts Arkansas Turkey Plant

Cargill, the 150-year old food and agricultural company, is about to hit the reset button on operations. Observers are wondering if the company will completely reboot. On August 3, Cargill sent out a recall for over 35 million pounds of ground turkey. The recall was one of the biggest American meat recalls in history. The problem triggering the recall started in February when a salmonella outbreak was

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The Great Coca Cola Trial

Harvey Washington Wiley was a man with a mission. As Chief Chemist of the United States Department of Agriculture Division of Chemistry and one of the founders of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Wiley led a crusade against the use of chemical additives in food and drugs. Using a specially selected "poison squad" (the twelve volunteers that he used to test food safety), Wiley's campaign for purer food and drink products became the stuff of legend.  Although the Division of Ch

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Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary

Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary Ortho-McNeil Pleads Guilty to Promoting Epilepsy Drug for Unapproved Uses; Settles Civil Suit for $75 Million

Ortho-McNeil, a unit of Johnson and Johnson, entered a guilty plea on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts to a misdemeanor for alleged illegal promoting of Topamax, a drug designed to treat epilepsy, for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, according to PR Newswire. The government alleged that Ortho-McNeil used a promotional program called the "Doctor for a Day Program" to promote Topamax for psychiatric uses, allegedly paying physicians, incl

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Noncompetes in Texas: Can Money Alone Serve as Consideration for an Enforceable Noncompete

My good friend Mike Maslanka has an excellent post up on his Work Matters Blog this week discussing the Texas Supreme Court's granting review of  Marsh USA Inc, et al. v. Cook.  At issue is whether an employer can use cash or some other cash-like compensation (here it was stock options) as the sole consideration to support a noncompete agreement. The answer under current law is pretty clearly no it can't - this is what was held by the court of appeals that held in favor of the empl

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Where Are the US News Top 30 Law Schools of 1996 Now?

If one is interested enough to get beyond the chatter about which law schools rose or fell a couple of places in the 2009 US News ranking, one might want to ask "where are the Top 10, or 20 (or even 30) law schools of 1996 now? Click on the image (left) to find out. You might note the position gains/losses for some Top 10 schools -- Penn, plus 4 from 11 to 7, Duke, minus 4

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Apex Technology v. Doe: May a Court Enter an Injunction Requiring an ISP to Take Down an Allegedly Defamatory Third Party Post?

Apex Technology v. Doe: May a Court Enter an Injunction Requiring an ISP to Take Down an Allegedly Defamatory Third Party Post?

Communications Decency Act update: A New Jersey Superior Court judge recently evoked controversy among First Amendment and media law experts by ordering GoDaddy, Domains by Proxy, and Verisign to "shut down and disable" three websites which published allegedly

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How Attorneys Are Using Kindle in Their Practice

In 2007, Beyonce, Fergie, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne were among the celebrated musicians. Two and a Half Men, CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Survivor — China were the hit TV shows. Forest Whitaker won the gold statue for Best Actor (in The Last King of Scotland). And, the first Kindle was introduced on November 19 and sold for $399. It sold out in five and a half hours and wasn't restocked until April 2008. Two years later, a law professor and author, Larry Ribstein, wr

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The future of law school

Eric Gerding wrote a couple of days ago about the "Death of 'Big Law School.'" He has some dismal predictions of what the Death of Big Law (taking off from my paper) means for legal education:

  • Lower-paying jobs mean lower tuition income and less alumni support.
  • More emphasis on training of practice-ready lawye

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The Domain Name as Collateral: Considerations for Creditors Seeking to Use a Domain Name as a Security Interest or as a Source of Payment on a Judgment

For many firms, on-line property, such as their domain names and the interactive software that they permits users to access, constitutes the vast majority of the value of their business. Firms such as and eBay heavily market their domain names, with the result that their domain names have become their primary trademarks and are worth billions of dollars. Lenders would na

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Pants lawsuit could cost D.C. judge his $100,000 job

‘Pants Judge' on Suspension

Remember the curmudgeonly Washington DC judge that sued a South Korean dry cleaner for millions when his pants went missing? Don't worry. No one else remembers Roy L. Pearson either. With the way his life has gone since 2005 wh

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